Dynamic or Static

Server-rendered sites

By default the site produced by Ream needs to be served as a Node.js server, or run in a serverless environment like AWS lambda. But pages that don't use preload or serverPreload will be statically generated at build time or at the first time being requested.

This is the best way to make some pages "static" while keeping other pages server-rendered if you need.

Static sites

Sometimes you don't need to (or can't) dynamically render a website, so Ream also offers the functionality to fully export you website to static files.

To do so you need to change your build script from ream build to ream export, your project will be built and exported to .ream/export folder, then you can deploy this folder to any static site hosting service like GitHub Pages, ZEIT Now, Netlify or Render.

Note that while using ream export, you don't have to use the staticPaths option because Ream will crawl <a> elements on every page, so pages with dynamic routes will be covered if they are referenced in other pages.