Ream is not production ready, yet.

Server Routes

Ream allows you to build your API alongside regular Vue pages by having files .js or .ts files inside pages/api folder, and export a http request handler in the file like this:

// pages/api/hello.js
export default (req, res) => {

Now visit /api/hello and you'll see hello.

The request handler receives the following parameters:

  • req: An instance of http.IncomingMessage,
  • res: An instance of http.ServerResponse, plus some helper functions you can see below

Response Helpers

The response (res) includes a set of Express.js-like methods to improve the developer experience and increase the speed of creating new API endpoints, take a look at the following example:

The included helpers are:

  • res.status(code) - A function to set the status code. code must be a valid HTTP status code
  • res.send(body) - Sends the HTTP response. body can be a string, an object, a NodeJS.ReadableStream or a Buffer.